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MARADI is not just a brand name. It’s the family’s century-old craftsmanship weaved for the world in the form of silk. 

Since 1911 through Mahalakshmi Hall, we have crafted silk in various forms and have seen our craftmanship over generations being celebrated by people across the world. 

Our endeavor is to intricately craft the most impeccable silk products for the world induced with undying passion and true artisanship passed on from generation. 

We are here to revolutionize silk like never before and weave a world around it to be adorned by one and all.

About Maradi

We provide you with the best quality products and authentic services to ensure a rich experience.

We manufacture, export, and provide customized products to our clients across the globe to meet all requirements for silk products.

Upholding our family’s tradition from 111 years, we have always strived to provide the best quality products to meet the continuous needs of the hospitality, entertainment, and fashion industries.

Maradi Story

Our Story

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